Monday, December 14, 2009

More Chickens!

Isn't that just the cutest little chicken? I think the Cockerel bookmark from Dianna Stevens' Animal bookmarks: A Tatted Zoo is my new favorite -- or one of them, anyway.

The one on the left was made from real size 20 thread. It's "Springtime" from Lizbeth, but I got it from Dorcas. :) Lucky me, eh? We're right in the middle of a thread exchange. I've sent mine off, and I received this lovely sample from Dorcas. I don't own any of this, but now I think I might have to get some, because this is a really pretty variegate. Funny, because I keep telling my sister I don't like purple and green together. I guess I do, after all! See, there? Aren't thread exchanges just the most useful thing ever?

I've got another one of these done, too -- it's the one on the right. I've used the size 30 Day and Night Rainbow again, and it's come out just as nifty as the first one. Of course, I was lazy and thought I could put the tail on without breaking the thread, so there's an extra little chain. I think it looks okay, though, right? Say "yes" -- that's what I wanna hear


Miranda said...

I wouldn't have even noticed the extra chain if you hadn't pointed it out.

Katie said...

Those are soooooooooo adorable?

What extra chain?! ;-)

❦TattingChic said...

I'm sure whoever gets the bookmarks will be very pleased! You know...that extra chain is not popping out!

Gina said...

Looks good to me!

Ridgetatter said...

I love the chickens! My cousin's kitchen s all abut Chicken and chicken coops, I'm on the look out for a very large ceramic chicken that is a lamp ~ to give her. I know I've seen one somewhere; just can't remember where. This chicken would be good as a motif on kitchen tea towels....My daughter BB would love that!
Gave me lots of ideas, obviously. hugs.