Monday, January 31, 2011

Heart of Anne's

This little heart is from the talented Anne Bruvold. It's not a difficult pattern, and can be used many different ways (doily, table runner, earring, pendant) with or without beads. This one is made with Bermuda Red thread hand-dyed by my sister on a Cebeliá size 30.

Slowly, slowly -- I am tatting. It hasn't been easy. Staying up until one or two in the morning means I too often really do tangle up string. Work has been a lot of work lately. I was there day and night for a while so I only got to tat when I got so creeped-out at work that I had to leave. I work in an old mansion that's been converted to an office. It's creepy to be there at night when nobody else is around -- just in case there is somebody else around. My office is on the second floor in the back. I have a lovely view of an alley.
People seemed interested, so I've put in a larger picture of the mansion (which can be clicked to become even larger). My niece calls it "The Haunted House Where You Work." My office is to the right of the chimney, around the corner, and about midway across the back of the house. The reason it's creepy is that it's not in an area where there is a lot of after-hours activity. I have to go out to my car on the opposite side from the chimney where someone could hide in the alley and the security lights don't come on until you're already all the way down the back steps! Across the road (from the chimney side) is a Junior High School and an empty office building (it was the Obama HQ a few years back). Across the road in the front is some kind of apartment building, I think. I've never studied it much, but don't see people there very often. Besides that, sometimes people forget to lock the door when they go. I usually go down and check, but it's creepy because we've got all those big windows and people can see me walking around in there by myself. Fortunately, I don't have to do late nights very often, and sometimes I can take my work home instead.


Ladytats said...

pretty heart and interesting building, I wonder what you are doing there at night. I work enough overtime, but not all night.

Margarets designer cards said...

How interesting that you work in an old building, it looks an interesting building with a lot of history,
anyway your heart looks beautiful and I love the red colour.

Fox said...

Oh dear! I looked at that old mansion, blew it up to have a better view and then sincerely hoped you are not connected to the criminal law bar! Could make for an interesting novel if you are! Creepy!
Fox ; ))

ps Lovely heart!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The mansion is beautiful, but I would get creeped out if I were there working alone at night. Isn't it weird how darkness intensifies our paranoia?

Leave work while it's light out! I'll bet the work will be there waiting for you tomorrow! ; )

Maria de Lourdes said...

Hermoso corazón sobre todo en este mes necesitamos muchos corazones. Gracias por mostrarnos esa bella mansión donde trabajas.

Nani B. said...

Neat old Mansion! I love that heart, just in time for Valentine's Day....where whould I be able to get the pattern?
I am a medium beginner tatter.
I am so glad to find your website!

Nani B. said...

Oh more to add to my comment - I found the pattern for Anne Bruvold's heart and several other of her beautiful patterns here:

God's Kid said...

That heart is gorgeous! :)

Anke said...

Yes, that heart's gorgeous... I can only double that comment! It's just more gorgeous if you see it in real!!! Thank you VERY MUCH for your Valentine Parcel, Marty
(I had to google a bit to be sure that Marty is Marlene but now that I found your blog and the picture of MY heart I AM sure.)
I'm looking forward to tatting with your nice shuttles and the lovely thread.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
And your Snowy Heart is a beautiful pattern. Congratulations for designing such a nice heart.