Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts, Hearts and More Hearts

Valentine's Day got away from me -- it happened while I was busy being ill. Who has time to post anything when they're stumbling around looking for tissues and anti-cold pills? I suppose that's why Blogger has that convenient schedule a pre-prepared post option. But, really, pre-prepare -- who does that? Never mind, don't tell me. I'm certain it would be just too, too depressing. I've been making hearts for Valentine's Day, though -- quite a few of 'em.
This nice blue heart I've been calling "Snowy Heart" (because it's based on my own snowflake pattern) I made to send off to my exchange partner for the Tattinggoddess Valentine Exchange. It's made of size 20 Lizbeth thread in a pale blue and is about 5 inches wide and 6 inches tall.
Once that one was done and shipped off, I made another one with a few changes. This one is made with Lizbeth size 20 pink and variegated pink. This resulted in parts of it just looking washed out, but I rather liked the effect. Instead of the chains with the little ring pairs I used split rings around the outside of the bottom part of the heart -- those make it look a bit more substantial. Then I made the other ring pairs "Dimpled Yorkies" -- sort of hearts on my heart. I'm thinking about what to do with this one. Maybe it will just sit in my tatting drawer until next Valentine's Day.
Then I did a couple of little hearts. This one is Jane Eborall's Flurry Heartache. Sort of -- I didn't have the big beads ready to hand and was too lazy to get up, so I just used a pile of little beads. It's made from Lizbeth size 20 in Dark Seagreen and Wildflower colorway. It's a great pattern all made in one round -- one pair of threads to hide at the end. I'm going to get some bigger beads and make more!
This next one I saw somewhere on the 'net and made a scribbled drawing. That scribble was stuck into the back of my purse. I was probably at work *sigh* so I didn't write down the website or anything. Duh. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know! Its made with the same Dark Seagreen and Wildflower, also in one pass, but it starts with a chain on a paperclip. It's such a clever idea. Yes, I have to make more of these as well.
Finally, I made more of Anne Bruvold's Christmas Hearts. I was going to join them together in one of the many variations Anne made available. I didn't have the pattern at hand, though -- it was inside the computer way over in the other room and I was so comfortable. So...I just joined three of them together clear down one side. I could see that the remaining space would be too large for a single heart and too small for two additional hearts. It sat around looking at me reproachfully for a day or two. Then I decided what it needed was a head and a bit of crocheting. Voila! Butterfly.


Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

Love your hearts! Very imaginative and just beautiful!

Gina said...

Cool! Yet another way to use that wonderful heart!

Hope you're feeling better. It's almost Spring!

Margarets designer cards said...

Hope you are feeling better,
I tried to schedule a post yesterday and it published it, I tired 5 times and in the end left it published.
Your hearts are beautiful and the butterfly is gorgeous, is this one of your patterns may I ask?

Val said...

WOW, the tatted hearts you are sending off for your exchange are beautiful! Very unique: I can see the little hearts in various corners.

The butterfly you'd come up with is marvelous. Very clever.

Hope you are feeling much better. I've been down with flu and cough interchangeably for the last few months. Tell me about the vicious flu bug... Argh.

God's Kid said...

Beautiful hearts and butterfly!!! :)

Suztats said...

Wonderful hearts! Hope that you are now recovered.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm amazed how much you accomplished while sick! (What's MY excuse?)
All the hearts are so nicely done. The pink and blue are a very unique design! Jane's heart is very clever, and I'm surprised you had the patience to do ANY beads! Then there's the 'unknown' pattern which is sweet and 'simple'. And finally, your 'butterfly' heart (inspired by Anne)! I just LOVE it! Very clever. The crocheted antennae are a perfect finishing touch! I can see all kinds of color possibilities here!

Ridgewoman said...

I LOVE the blue ‘Snowy Heart’. I like the simple lines and the negative space..lovely hugs, bev