Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oops Doily Double Split Chain

Here's that double split chain I was going on about in the last post. This round ends with a ring of 2+2+2, then a chain of 6 ds, a bare thread large enough for 6 more ds, a ring of 2-2+2-2, and another bare thread large enough for 6 ds, then it is joined to the small ring which began this round. (That's the first picture) Then "split chain" stitches are worked back along both bare threads to the point of beginning the next round with a split ring (That's the second picture). Clear as mud, right? 

I really should mention that I do the split chain using Marie Smith's method, which can be seen being worked and explained by Frivole here.
Split chains were NOT my favorite activity until I learned to do them this way.  It makes so much sense and is easier than the method I used to use (sparingly!)


Jane McLellan said...

Wow. I think with clear photos like these someone else could follow you.

Michelle said...

It makes total sense! What an interesting idea- and I secretly love split chains!!

Fox said...

Yup, indeed! Clear as mud.

Nicely demonstrated. I have come to really appreciate this technique. What kind of mind devised it, I often wonder.
Fox : ))

Phyllis said...

Interesting concept. Had not seen that double split chain before. Something new for me to try!

Ladytats said...

That is very clear, and I knew exactly what you were talking about in your last post. That seems like a good way to climb out.

Margarets designer cards said...

Yes I got it, I have been tatting 42 years and it was while I was recovering from my op in July/August and the help from Marilee that I finally got how to do a split chain, Rings I learnt many years ago but chains my brain never did get it.
It looks harder than it is but with a bit of practice it will work

mb duke said...

It's totally clear. I get it. I just don't think I could do it. I haven't attempted a split chain yet and I don't think I will start with this pattern. Cut and tie for me.