Saturday, February 1, 2014


As in not being able to settle down and figure out what I really want to tat.  I've been doing Jane's Tat-it-and-See, but it only keeps me entertained for little bits of time. Other than that, I've been doing a bit of this and a bit more of this and some of that. Lots of little pieces and lots of hearts and butterflies using left over thread have gone into my heart tin and butterfly box.  I haven't been interested in blocking things either. 

I'd show some of what I've been doing, but Blogger doesn't want to let me post any pictures.  It was okay earlier this month, but now it has decided to not play nice. How good is your imagination?

Imagine this:  Four snowflakes in bangles, some hearts like the ones at the top of the picture in this post; an angel I've never done before, and some really beady earrings.  Oh, and a Rainbow Splash TIAS piece.  *sigh* 

Okay, it apparently IS my computer, not Blogger (sorry!).  There's no problem adding the picture from work (but it doesn't show the earrings):


Miranda said...

The double underlining thing is probably some type of malware on your computer. That happened to me a couple of months ago; I was tired and not paying attention, and accidentally accepted one of those "upgrade your program" things that are really malware and not associated with any reputable software company at all. It took me hours to get all the junk off my computer, and it even sent stuff to my phone and tablet too. GRRRR!!! But the first symptom I noticed was those wretched double underline things.

Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly what all I had to do to clean up my computer. But the first step was to google "double underlined links" and that will take you to some sites that will tell you step by step how to get rid of it all.

The good news is that those links aren't showing up for other people.

Ladytats said...

I can understand your frustration. I do not see any double underlined links in your posts at this moment.
I have had both a wordpress blog and a blogger blog. I let the wordpress one lapse, it was a pain. I was supposed to be able to upload my blogger posts so I didn't have to do 2 separate posts, but wordpress wanted to load all posts time after time so it duplicated things constantly. I gave up. The reason for the 2 blogs, the newspaper for the large city up the road asked for crafters to join their network to raise awareness of crafts in the area. It was a nice idea and I would have liked to continue, but it was just too much hassle.
Good luck with the whatever you decide to do.

Margarets designer cards said...

I had problems before Christmas, although my computer was clean and I have gone to webmaster now who will I tell me if anyone plays with my blog. I can only say go to webmaster and see what they can do.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I am using my imagination. It helps that I've seen your work before!

My main problem with Blogger is that I can't always post comments. I hope you can arrive at a solution soon!

Denise Brant said...

I have been having problems every so often loading photos also . It really makes me ticked off because I post that I will post again the next day and then it won't let me, yes sometimes I can't even post anything. Last week I had to restart a post several times just so it deleted the whole thing after I was finished. It's so pathetic I have to laugh at it. I'm at

God's Kid said...

Lots of beautiful pieces there!! :)