Thursday, February 8, 2007

Second Motif

It's a bookmark. I actually made it for the etatters bookmark challenge. Wow -- dual duty! It's made with DMC size 80 thread, shuttle only. I need a lot more practice doing thread gaps instead of chains. No matter how I attempt to measure them they don't come out the same. Hmmmm...maybe this would look better if I blocked it. Everything looks better with blocking, eh?Oh, yes -- it does look better blocked (except for that one picot that I somehow folded over!).

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Georgia said...

HI Marty,
To keep the bare shuttle thread between rings in one shuttle only work even, make the first two rings and measure the length of bare thread you left. Take a piece of cardboard or a floss winder and use or cut a slit equal to that length. Place the last ring tatted in the slit and stretch out the bare thread to the edge of the cardboard and commence the new ring. The edge of the cardboard keeps you from drawing it up too much.
best wishes