Monday, May 28, 2007

Twenty-fifth Motif

There. That makes twenty-five. This is an original design made with one strand of Signature pink ombre embroidery thread and one strand of dark pink G├╝tterman cotton sewing thread. I made sets of three to decorate t-shirts. This purple on white shirt is for a friend of mine whose last day of work is the 31st. Lucky woman! A set of green ones will go on the t-shirt I got my sister for her birthday. This pink set is for my great-aunt to say "thanks" for hosting our annual family party. She'll have to attach them to her own t-shirt, but they should match the one she was wearing yesterday.


Fhilipha said...

Soy de Argentina
Me encantatejer Fivrolite (Tatting).
Felicitaciones por tus trabajos

Barbara Gordon said...

I have been looking but can't find the Signature thread and want to know what size it actually is. There is a lot of thread out there. I just love this idea of yours and a way to use tatting besides on a table.