Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Ornamental Cornelia

Yes, "Cornelia" by Iris Niebach from Tatted Doilies, again. This is such a beautiful pattern! This one is made with one strand of green ombre cotton quilting thread and one strand of dark green rayon embroidery thread on one shuttle, and corresponding threads of red of the other shuttle. There are red or green beads matching the threads at each picot. Because of the size of the threads, this one has only five pattern repeats, and I changed the number of small rings at the tip of each repeat from five to four. It curves around the ornament better that way. The bottom is just simple rings and chains, but that's what fit best. I'm working on a companion ornament with the colors reversed. They'd make a nice gift as a pair.


TattingChic said...

OMGosh!!! When is your tatting ornament book coming out? LOL! You really need to share your beautiful talent with the rest of us! ;)

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Another beautiful ornament! Some day I hope to be able to adapt patterns to make beautiful ornaments.

Marty said...

My tatting ornament book? I posted the only two that I KNOW are mine. The other ornament covers are probably or certainly adaptations of other people's published patterns. I guess I could write a book that says, "Make a doily per whosit's directions, except do the repeat five times instead of six." But that would be a dirty trick to pull, wouldn't it? ;)

Gina said...

I'm way behind on blogs so will comments on several entries at once! I love the rose motif you made for the design challenge.

Your split chain looks great! The 1st one I made was way out of proportion to the other chains so it stuck right out there!

You've been very busy tatting - nice job on the TIAS too!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Hi Marty,
I've made you a blog Queen.

You may accept the award or not.
There are no rules to follow.
You may pass it on as you please.
This is just to let you know that you make my day!