Friday, December 4, 2009

Adaptable Cornelia

There! See how adaptable "Cornelia" is! It's just the most amazing pattern. I was playing around with the size 40 red thread after I made the size 20 ornament strap adaptation. It came out as a really nice little heart, so I put it in a ring. I dropped it on the table and it landed upside down. Oh -- wow! A tree, I could see a tree.

The green size 40 and some silver beads made a nice little tree. It needed a trunk, but as I just had a bag of necessities (I was visiting), I didn't have any brown. (Just kidding -- I don't actually own any brown. It's so brown!) I did have a shuttle with some ecru thread on it. Ta-da, a tree with an anemic trunk -- inside a ring of course, I'm making ornaments! And more ornaments. I did two more with little changes, like different bead colors and some different stitch counts.

Guess what happened when I turned the tree upside down? Yup -- an even better heart. I doctored this one so you can see it, too -- but I've not made a nice red one yet.

I think a combination of the second and third one will work out best if I decide to make more (and how can I resist?). Wouldn't these make great presents to fit inside a card? Of course, the post office would probably mangle 'em unless I use a padded envelope. (People who need padded cells ought to have lots of padded envelopes -- but they are sadly lacking in this household).


Katie said...

That's so funny how it landed upside down & ended up a tree! LOVE it! It makes a very pretty heart, & a lush tree!

Karen said...

You are very creative with this lovely pattern. Cornelia may just need to be my next project, but there are so many projects and not enough time. Thanks for showing us. Karen

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

It reminds me of the tree of life... very pretty!

Arty Lady's blog said...

Such a gorgeous pattern. I must locate it to have a go.

Great job.


Jane Eborall said...

Whichever way up - it's a stunning pattern.

Tatskool said...

Very nice. great idea.