Sunday, December 6, 2009

Festival of Trees

As I had created a few decorations for the tree the Bonneville Tatters Guild donated to the Festival of Trees, we went out to see the Festival. Fanciful trees, traditional trees, cheerful trees, mournful trees, big trees, little trees -- wow -- there were a LOT of trees, and wreaths and tabletop decorations. All of these things were being sold for charity. Many of them were sold at auction before the Festival began, and others still had "for sale" tags on them. The Bonneville Tatters tree was one that was sold at the auction to a local pediatric clinic. I got some pictures of the tree and ornaments, but not much that was very good of the rest of the display because in addition to all the trees and decorations there were people -- lots and lots of people! I took the liberty of cleaning up a bit of the background -- which was more trees and people -- so the tree could be seen. Isn't that pretty? The group from the Guild who did the decorating did themselves proud, did they not? There was also a group of teddy bears having tea, a treasure chest with tatting in it, and a beautiful doll with tatting edging her dress.

My other pictures have been severely doctored or cropped because, really, who wants to look at an odd body part or two, or a dozen stuck in with the ornaments? There are two of mine, one on a satin ball and one in a ring that I showed on this blog before I turned them in. There is also the one on a satin ball that is the adaptation of Cornelia that I showed in my December 3 post. If you look closely there's another burgundy ornament in a ring that I caught at an angle. I didn't even get a scan or picture of that or its two fellows before I turned those in (at the last minute!). The last two ornaments pictures are of some of the other tree ornaments made by the talented members of the Guild.

There's a bit of the tea table decor -- and I have to find out who did the lovely plate doily! And last, but not least, all the pretty laces that were displayed in the trunk. There are a couple of other photographs of items used at the Festival on the Bonneville Tatters website (under Christmas Share Potluck Party) if you're interested in seeing one of the teddy bears, the front of the trunk, and some more ornaments!

Finally, for anyone who stumbled on this by mistake -- looking for tattoos or something equally outré -- here ya go (my niece's favorite tree -- teenagers are beyond me):


Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

The tree and the ornaments are beautiful. I love the Festival of Trees. I am going to suggest to my tatting guild about doing one for next year.

Oh yeah, I may be way, way past my teenage years, but I love that 'Nightmare Before Xmas' tree!

❦TattingChic said...

I just ♥ the Festival of Trees! What a neat event to be a part of! What an amazing and beautiful tree to be filled with so many tatted ornaments from a group of very talented women! That is really special! I'm sure that tree will fetch a pretty penny come auction time!

Jeff Hamilton said...

I agree with the above comments about how gorgeous your ornaments are.

I love the tree in the last picture. Funny you should show it now. I just watched the movie this evening.

Ridgetatter said...

I'm with the upside down tree. I have just to much "inner teenager" LOL

The Guild tree is lovely. We have something similar in Silver, but I've never gone to see because the ground is very uneven and not wheelchair friendly.

I really need to try some decorated balls and bells. I have both and the patterns; just too intimidated (that's my story and I'm sticking with it).

hugs, Bev