Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Jane Eborall, the ever creative and generous (yes, you are, don't be modest), has just shared this new pattern for butterfly bookmarks. It's got her wonderful long beaded picots, so I used silver ones on both of these.

She mentioned on her blog that the tail could be made with pearl tatting instead of lock chain. I tried that too, since she had a link to "the lazy way" (yeah, that's my speed!). Ooooo, I like it, it's fun to do! I did change the end of the bookmark tail. Instead of the pretty little five-ring beaded flower, I did a non-beaded four-ring butterfly. I did that for two reasons. First, I wasn't certain how long to make the tail -- what if someone was reading a bigger book than they had bookmark? I wouldn't want to have a bookmark with beads that would sit inside the book and make bumps in the pages. Second, so I could not mess with hiding ends. If I'd made the beaded end Jane shows, there would have been no ends to hide, but it would have needed the beads -- and I've already explained why I didn't want beads.

The purple one, done in Lizbeth size 20 "Country Grape Swirl", was the first one I did. the butterfly at the bottom had to be blocked (just sprayed with water and pinned flat), because it wanted to fold up. The blue one is in size 30 Cebelia "Singing the Blues". The butterfly at the bottom of the tail is fastened to the tail at the small rings. It stays flat without all that blocking bother. Nifty -- another new favorite (partly because I really like that pearl-tatted tail, so nice and flat for books!).

Thanks, Jane!


Jane Eborall said...

Back to the drawing board, Jane!!! I MUCH prefer your butterfly for the end. I'm going to change my habits now!!! I may change the pattern too, if you don't mind. Your idea makes MUCH more sense. Thanks.

Carol Lawecki said...

Nice Job on the butterflies. I will be making some of these soon. I'm looking forward to trying the lazy way too!

Katie said...

Oh! Those look great! I like the little butterfly at the end of the pearled chain. The pearled chain looks intrigueing - haven't tried pearl tatting yet.

Marty said...

Jane, that's so flattering! If you want to change your pattern, please do so. I like the flower, too, though -- butterflies and flowers go together.
Carol and Katie, do try out "the lazy way" from Jane's techniques pages. It works really well, and I did it; I did it! If I can, anybody can!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Marty. I'll add your wee butterfly to the pattern - when I get brain cell number three back as he's on holiday at the moment!!!!!