Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Superman, it's a plane, it's a Bird...

This seems to be rather in the line of: "I never saw a Purple Cow...I never hope to see one." Before you ask whatever possessed me to create such an oddly colored being, let me quickly say it's Jane Eborall's fault. Yup, hers.

This is my rendition of the latest "Tat it and See," (and the first of 2010 -- may there be more!), through Day 10. When doing a TIAS there's not much color direction -- just pick some stuff that goes together pretty well and pick three colors of it. Then, bits of the pattern are released every few days. That gives everyone plenty of time to ponder what in the world they might be making, and to catch up if life gets in the way.

At first, I thought we might be making aliens. But, then -- I always think we're making aliens. ;) There's just one more day to finish this lovely creature, which I now suspect is a rooster (unless Jane is going to throw us a curve ball right at the last minute and it really is an alien), because that variegated bit has to connect to the rest of the gizmo and it doesn't look like a hat!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Marty,
sure love your witty blog!
I'm tatting TIAS too--making a couple of "aliens". Jane's game is too fun!
Katie V in NC

Ridgetatter said...

Somehow, my TIAS always end up looking like Aliens. i think it is 'cause I live in New Mexico…Alien heaven!
hugs, Bev who is still on ring 18…1 headless bird and two with heads up to ring 18. LOL


Arty Lady's blog said...

Your TIAS looks fabulous. I have to admit I gave up at day 8, as I got stuck on the instructions however I will be revising it again in the near future.

***Jon**** said...

I like your pink cockerel with blue cockscomb, :)
Yeah, Jane is always a surprise.

Val said...

hey marty, i like your humor. rofl

yep, guess it's cool to tat up some 'aliens' and find out it's not at the end, esp when it turns out to be something else! lol

Jane Eborall said...

Cluckle cluckle, chortle, chortle!!!

Christie Cottage said...

I love it! I think I want to learn to tat!

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