Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eye, Eye, Captain!

Nicole is really happy with her eye-decorated eye patch -- it's the only one she's worn since I finished the eye. She says it scares the boys (at her age, that's a good thing).
I didn't end up using Jane's eye pattern. I started it, using size 40 thread so it would be small enough for the patch. It's a wonderful eye, but it's made with rings. Because it was going on this yellow patch, I thought it needed to be more solid (didn't want her looking like she had jaundice).
This one is made with a Lizbeth size 40 thread. The center rose is black (for the pupil) and green (for the iris), and surrounded by sort of modified block tatting in white with a long connecting chain in black for the outline and lashes. I think it's too round and am trying to think up a better way to do it. Since it's glued to the eyepatch, thread ends don't really matter. That would make it easier to figure out an eye shaped more like her own. I don't know that she'd want it changed, though. Like I said -- this one scares the boys!
P.S. I suggested to Nicole the other night that I thought could make an eye that looked more like her own and we could change it. She said, "No Way! This one scares the boys!" I guess she'll be keeping that one.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Love it - good for Nicole. And she is SUCH a cutie!

You are a good aunt!

Carol Lawecki said...

What a clever idea to make wearing the eye patch a bit fun!! The eye looks great Marty!!

M said...

That's a fantastic idea, she's lucky to have someone so thoughtful to do these sorts of things.

***Jon**** said...

Very cute, I bet Nicole is getting lots of attention now.
I wish there was something like this when I was small.

victats@gmail.com said...

Oh Marty, That's so fun!

Val said...

that's a very cute and hilarious eye patch! lol