Friday, July 16, 2010

25 Motif Challenge - Number 6

TA-DA! I did it twice. Now I've got a matching set. This is the same "Lock Chain Ornament" pattern as the green one -- it's just made with red instead. See? Much easier to get these smaller things done, because I only use four repeats of the pattern instead of six. It's finished off with that same single ring with all the picots, too. Oh, this is also Lizbeth size 40 thread.
I don't think the pattern actually shows very well in the picture, because you can see the other side through the glass ornament. It looks really pretty hanging on my metal tree thingy, though.
I've decided to make a bunch of these for a present, so I've ordered a metal tree (actually, it looks like a naked branch) for them. This way, I'll get my challenge done, and have something useful to do with the results. Of course, once I give 'em away, they aren't my storage problem any more, right? That means I can add to my stash. Oh, yeah!


God's Kid said...

Those are awesome! Anyone who receives them will probably have no problem figuring out the storage problem being so thankful for such a great gift! :)

TypsTatting said...

Love the ornament pattern will definately have to give it a try. Thankyou for sharing the patern!