Tuesday, August 10, 2010

County Fair

Nothing to see here! I've been tatting but not scanning or photographing. As a matter of fact, I took my stuff to the fair without even taking pictures. I entered 18 things (not all tatting), some of which have never made an appearance on this blog. Between the four of us, we entered 43 things. We looked all over the house for things we've done in the last 3 years that have never been entered in the fair!
The fair starts tomorrow so I'll know the result then -- well, I will if I go looking. We're going to make certain we're there to see the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (we've got tickets). We'll look at the fair stuff if there's time after that. Of course, we plan on going back on Saturday to take a leisurely look at everything. If you're in Salt Lake County:


Isdihara said...

Best of luck with your fair entries!

Happy Bluebird said...

43 entries! That's impressive. What all did you enter? Good Luck on them all!

Our county fair entries are to be made in the past 1 year, and the state fair entries are for items made in the past 3 years. I always just assumed that all fairs had those same requirements, but I suppose it depends on the area and the participation.

tattrldy said...

I think the amount of time also depends on the category - some,like collections, can be more than that. The closest of the county fairs here just ended Tuesday. I didn't do too bad, considering I'm the only person who entered tatting LOL! I'll be posting about it next week on my blog. Good luck on all of your entries - all 43(!!!) of them.