Monday, August 16, 2010

Ribbons from the Fair - part 1

Okay, it's not tatting, but this is my third place piece of calligraphy. I made the paper, too -- out of old paper -- that's why it's rumply looking. It's supposed to look old.
The judge said it was entered in the wrong area and it "just broke her heart" to have to judge it against the paintings. It should have been entered in Creative Arts where it would certainly have taken top honors (uh-huh, prob'ly because there wasn't any other calligraphy entered). Well, I did try that but the Creative Arts people told me because it was framed it had to be entered in Fine Arts. The Fine Arts lady wasn't there, but her daughter who was doing the scrapbook entries took it in. Wouldn't you know...tatting and calligraphy, the forgotten (but not lost) arts. I should have learned to sew!
I don't do this often anymore, so I doubt I'll be entering any next year. That's okay. I've hung this back in my office and the wall looks finished again.


Miranda said...

That is gorgeous! I can barely write my own name legibly, so I truly admire calligraphers. I've actually been thinking about taking a class, because it kills me when I work so hard on a beautiful tatted card, to then scribble my message on the inside.

Congratulations on the ribbon! The words from the judge were so lovely.

Ridgewoman said...

Excuse me ~ Fine art IS matted and framed for exhibition and competition…What "plonkers" to borrow a Jane-ism.

Beautiful calligraphy but I would not expect anything less from you.

xx bj

Karen said...

This is absolutely the best. At least the judge recognized the quality but how unfortunate that it wasn't where you could get the credit deserved. I did calligraphy many years ago, but nothing to measure up to this. Very lovely. Thank you for showing us. Karen

Gina said...

Calligraphy has never been one my talents and I so admire those who can do it. This looks beautiful. said...

What an amazing job! I've done calligraphy over the years but not to this level. There really is a skill involved in actually getting uniform lettering. Makes you realise why books were so rare and valuable before the printing press.

Jane S. said...

Absolutely beautiful! The handmade paper really enhances the antique look of it. It reminds me very much of The Book of Kells, that sort of thing.

Jane S.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Are you sure you don't have a group of ancient monks living in your house? I've seen things like this in the old book section of the British Museum - you do lovely work.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I just about fell over when I saw this! I had no idea you also did calligraphy - and 'illumination' yet - wonderful color and gold enhancement, and balance to the Old English or Black script - one of the most difficult to master.

I played around with calligraphy for many years but gave up on it (except for special envelopes for birthdays, weddings, etc.) because I realized I could never match the perfection of my instructor! It takes a lot of time to practice, and I have reams and reams of practice sheets, with few finished framed projects - and on those I constantly see the imperfections that others don't see.

I decided tatting was more relaxing, and I could use even my practice tatting pieces in some way!

Judging at the Fairs is another subject I could write a book about! Can you enter this in some other competition? It really should be seen! How about making copies to put on cards? I'm also impressed you made the paper!