Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ribbons from the Fair - part 14

Jubiloso* by Yarnplayer is an incredible pattern. It looks really complicated -- but it's rings and chains, and well within the beginner's grasp. It's the wonderful way she's put all those rings and chains together that makes this such a beautiful piece. I chose Lizbeth size 20 in Light and Medium Sea Green. This is what I worked on in the car while on vacation this July. No beads to fuss with, nothing so complicated I couldn't enjoy the scenery -- it was a pleasure to work on. My only beef with it is the dozen single motifs. Effective, very effective -- but all those thread ends! I used magic threads throughout, even going to far as to cut off part of one row and start over, because I'd forgotten to put them in. It turned out really well and just over 10 inches in diameter. It also got a high blue ribbon. I'm entering this one in the State Fair, too!

*Anyone interested in obtaining the pattern for Jubiloso should go to Yarnplayer's Etsy shop, and inquire of her if it still available for purchase.


Leanna said...

You know,'re a WONDER! Congratulations to you! Your tatting is beautiful...(if you didn't already had better know now...LOL!!) You are so prolific, and yet your work is technically everything the judges love.
Great for you, Hon!
Good luck at the State Fair! How exciting!

Ginny W said...

I love this doily i am also doing it in colors i think it makes the center look wonderful. Congrats on the ribbons

Tatteristic! said...

Hi Marty - Love the doily and the seahorse! Is the doily pattern available online or is it in a book? I'd like to try it. Thanks!

yarnplayer said...

Oh wow, this is the first time I've seen the "Jubiloso" done up in 2 colors - looks great! I'm glad you enjoyed tatting it.