Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ribbons from the Fair - part 16

One last entry -- this is my mini-doily. It's made with YLI machine quilting thread in a very subtle variegated blue/green/purple called "Alaskan Twilight". It measures just 3.75 inches (9.5 cm) across. I've posted this one before -- sometime in June. It was intended originally as an ornament cover -- but I took it traveling without the ornament and made too many repeats. It's Iris Niebach's "Beatrice" from Tatted Doilies. They have a category in the fair for "coasters" so I entered it there. It impressed someone because it also got a nice sweepstakes Big Ribbon.
The stuff that gets sweepstakes goes into the running for "Best of Show." You want to see what got best of show in the lace area? Of course you do! It's this beautiful piece of bobbin lace made in what looks like size zillion thread -- it's also framed by etched mirror with a clear center so the lace can show through. It's so covered with ribbons it's hard to see -- there's a blue, high blue, sweepstakes, judge's choice and best of show -- and the prize of a pottery casserole dish. Pretty nice, eh?
(Oh, that swirl on the tag is my doing -- I didn't think it was nice to show someone else's name without her permission -- even if I did show her work.)


God's Kid said...

That Alaskan Twilight is breathtaking in your tatting! :)

tatting-marie said...

I love the "Alaskan Twilight" colors and am wondering how fine a thread this would be? Maybe about a#80 size? Do you think this thread would be suitable for tatting an edging for a blouse or dress? Was it easy to work with? Some sewing threads do not tat well.

Marty said...

The quilting thread is somewhat smaller than the DMC #80 I have. I thought it might be more like #100 or maybe #90. I think it would be suitable for anything, and found it very easy to work with.

tatting-marie said...

Thanks Marty - I'll have to get some and experiment with it.