Wednesday, September 15, 2010

State Fair and Bonnie

You all know what a talented sister I have when it comes to dye -- I think there should be a category at the Fair for hand-dyed thread, but so such luck. Bonnie does lots of other things, and does them well.
She entered four things in the sewing categories: a sleeveless, drop waist, green dress, a baby cap, a vest, and a large bag. Bonnie got blue ribbons on the first three and a red on her bag. The vest wasn't displayed so that one could tell it was made of a pair of jeans, a bandanna and a bit of lace. The jeans are turned upside down and the legs become the front and back of the vest, with the bandanna acting as a yoke. The waistband of the jeans is the waistband of the vest and the button is still there -- of course the zipper is gone (it would zip the wrong way anyway). Her bag is another pair of jeans with the legs cut off, it's also fully lined. The judges left it unbuttoned and with the fly open!!

Bonnie crochets (left handed, amazing to me!) and entered a washcloth and matching hanging towel set, a really,really long scarf, and a baby afghan. Two blues and a white on that lot. I think the baby afghan is really pretty, but I guess it must be too plain for the judges. Plain is good for babies because when they do those things babies do, it can go into the washer and into the dryer and still look just like new.

As I mentioned, Bonnie dyes things. The judges liked her tie-dye on this rayon caftan-shirt and showed it with a pretty blue ribbon. Me too -- I got some thread the same colors!

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