Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shuttle Exchange

Exchanges are so much fun. First you get to figure out what you want to share with someone else. That means you get to pick through your stash and discover all the things you'd forgotten you have in there. Then you get to pick out about eleventy-million things and sort through those making little piles of nope-have-to-use-that-right-now, maybe, and no-way-why-did-I-buy-that. After that there's the refining of the maybe pile: "Ummmm...what are we exchanging?" I just participated in a shuttle exchange hosted by Alieen (also known as Wickedtats) of Wicked Nothings.

I got the most wonderful shuttle from Marie McCarty! It's hand carved and so smooth! Look:

Isn't it pretty? That's a thread sample she also sent. I'm going to wind it on that shuttle and make something. What should I make? Picking a pattern is a whole 'nother problem.

I just did send off a package to my exchange partner. I'm not telling who it is, because my partner should get to see it live before seeing it here, but this is what I sent: 
I'm not trying to overdo it, but those two little Clover shuttles are ones that I decorated, and they are negative images of each other -- how could I break up a set? The thread is Lizbeth size 40 that my sister sprinkle-dyed. It's an interesting process using wet thread, dry dye, and a salt shaker.  I hope my partner likes pink!


Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful wood shuttle and thread, I hope your partner loves her gift gorgeous shuttles you have bling.

Ladytats said...

nice shuttles both the one you got and the ones you gave.
You occasionally mention your sister's threads, are they available to others somewhere? I don't know who your sister is.

West Pine Creations said...

Glad you liked your shuttle. The ones you are giving away are very pretty and love the thread.

Willnnabel said...

oooohh Lucky you (and your partner) Love your shuttles and the pretty threads...

I am in the exchange, my partner is overseas so I have my fingers crossed.

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I got them! Thanks a big, big bunch - the shuttles are great, so pretty! And I love the sprinkled thread, really great indeed.

Thanks so much for a lovely exchange package - I am glad you got a lovely one too - the wooden shuttle looks so luxurious!