Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beady Ornament

Two views of the same ornament. The pattern is my first original ornament pattern, without the top and bottom caps. The thread is my sister's Dark Rainbow on a size 80 DMC tatting cotton base. Finally, the beads are pale green seed beads, but there are lots and lots of them. They are crowded together on picots separated by only one ds, and clustered in threes on other picots. It clacked and clicked while I was working on it and felt heavy when I was trying to pin it to the ornament.
I was informed when I was making this that the beads were too large for my thread. Well, okay. That would depend on what "look" I was going for, right? I was going for the beady look; the really beady look. This thing succeeds in that. It's beady, and it's going on our Christmas tree this year. It's not traditional Christmas colors, but we've got lots of other non-traditionaly-colored ornaments, so it works -- even with too-large beads.


Tatskool said...

Wow, that's beadingly beautiful. I wouldn't hesitate to put that on my Christmas tree.

M said...

I say use whatever beads you want in whatever size you want. The whole point of making things yourself (other the pure pleasure of creating something) is that you can make it to the specifications you want without worrying about what others might think of as conventional.

I like your designs, very colourful!