Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ribbons from the Fair - part 4

This is my sister's Christmas jewelry set -- made from a Yarnplayer pattern called "Dream".

I originally entered it in the "Creative Arts" section of the fair as "Jewelry - mixed media". Well, that's what it is. After we were all done, the person taking in the entries decided that tatting didn't belong in creative arts or in the jewelry. She took it all over to the "Home Arts" area and they just wrote in new tatting categories for it. *sigh* Mine was the only tatted jewelry entered, so I competed against myself. I do wish it had been left to compete with the rest of the jewelry. It will be in creative arts as mixed media jewelry for the State Fair, because they don't just write things in if they feel like it.

Bonnie used to have an inexpensive necklace with these little bells on it that she wore at Christmas. One of the girls decided that the bells would look better used another way and ...well... chopped it up. She rescued the bells, but no longer had any jewelry. With as many bells as she had, I was able to make her two sets: one red and one green.

Good thing I entered the red set -- the only green ribbons they give out at the fair are those big sweepstakes ones! Of course, red ribbons with the green set would have just looked even more Christmasy, wouldn't they?

I suppose when I give the set back to her I could give her the ribbon, too. She could tie it over her ear. ;)

Oh...I apparently need to practice my chains to because they judge said they are all inconsistent. *sigh* Actually, what I read on the note was that the "chair types were inconsistent". I looked at it blankly and thought "What chair?" Rest...I need rest.


Fox said...

Obviously, wingy chairs! LOL!

I love what you made! It is really unique. Fetching, in fact!
Fox : )

Suztats said...

What a nice Christmas present! Lucky sister!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

This is a sweet necklace and earring set and a nice story how the two sets (the red and green) came about!

Congratulations on all your ribbons (you are so talented in so many areas), even though there are some questionable 'category' decisions and amusing comments by the judges!

God's Kid said...

Looks great! And not inexpensive. :)

Carolivy said...

This is totally terrific Marty! I love it! I've used this pattern several times, but I LOVE the idea of using the tiny bells!
Glad it will be going to State where it will compete in the "proper" category too!