Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ribbons from the Fair - part 7

Another bit of Bonnie's jewelry I borrowed back. I made these for her birthday last year. They are made from the thread she dyed for me and were adapted from my original pattern (for a center-ring snowflake). They didn't fit into the rings as well as they should have, but they were well-done enough to garner another red ribbon.

Who out there is snoring? Wake up! I'm not done yet.

See that gold thing on the red square over there? It got put in the case upside down. This was an experiment and I really didn't like it very well, but my niece did. I entered it for her -- and now she can have it. I don't think she will wear it, though. It really looks rather like this: The pattern is Jane Eborall's butterfly with too many beads holding it in the ring. The big mistake was the loop of size 10 beads at the bottom. I would have used the size 15 beads, but couldn't fit two strands of the thread through them! Then, too, it is yellow. It's made with Oren Bayan gold metallic thread, but it just looks yellow. So, why did I enter it in the Fair? Because it doesn't cost anything to enter stuff in the County Fair, that's why!


Lelia said...

all your awards well deserved. I entered in two county fairs this Summer - it is so much fun

thx for sharing : )

Anonymous said...

I wish I could figure out the Fair system works here in Grant County. It is like a 'closed' club; finding out how to enter (Indeed WHEN and WHERE to enter is difficult to learn). My student, Anna, is one of the village mavens and she won a ribbon last year; but, I can't find out how to enter even fro her! Tis a puzzlement. LOL
If I ever find out the secrets, I will enter something.. with no expectations at all! LOL
I'm glad you did so well…competitions are so subjective.
xx bj