Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Dreaded Cluny

The cluny -- other people can do them. Some people do them beautifully. Some people are really making an effort to make clunies and improve their personal technique.

I scribble. Okay, I scribbled once.

I think there might be one of these that looks pretty good. Mostly they look wider on one side than the other -- what's up with that?

My fingers are all thumbs when it comes to making the loom. You know if you don't pinch the thread right it all comes apart in a non-interesting tangle?

Wanting to learn and having the patience to do so are coming into conflict. So...I'll do what I do with most difficult questions. I'll keep it in the thinking stage for a while.

If you're thinking about it -- you don't have to DO it. *sigh*


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love looking at others' attempts at clunies, but I'm leaving them alone. The thought of holding my hand in that position for more than 10 seconds makes me feel cramps in my arm! I think I'll stick with rings and chains... although I did watch a video that's tempting me to try the SCMR...

Miranda said...

Yeah, me too. I've done one motif with clunies just to prove to myself that I could, and have not touched them since. I think they are very pretty and add a point of visual interest to the tatting. But there are other ways to add interest that don't kill my hands, so unless I see a cluny piece that I absolutely can't live without, I probably won't make them again. Instead, I'll just admire them in other people's work.

Suztats said...

I tried clunies, too, and now I'm just thinking about it, instead!
I think I may try it again some time in the future.

StringyDogs said...

I have watched the tutorials - they make clunies look simple and easy. That is *pure* fiction! I finally made a loom of sorts out of some scrap wood. And, a cluny is still hard for me to do.
I think yours look wonderful for first efforts! It is a challenging technique.

***Jon**** said...

Ha ha ... I've been thinking about it for a looong time, but I am still not doing it. If ever, it will be on my own terms.

Your cluny not balanced, you say? Look at it from a design perspective and it is just right.

Margarets designer cards said...

Your clunies look brillant so far I have avioded them and not even tried them, but I think its time I have a go. somehow I dont think I will manage to make them look as good as yours, Margaret (tatting margaret In tatters)

Ladytats said...

I've done clunies a couple of times, but I know that I need way more practice before I would use them in a pattern. they are hard to do, I can't get the weaving to look smooth. and the shape is uneven. one more thing in the "some day" pile.

Ridgewoman said...

MY justification for NOT learning Cluny is the fact that they aren't really a tatting element; but, borrowed from bobbin work. ahem…..
HOWEVER, in Judi Banashek's "Advanced Tatting" book, she has a method of faux Cluny's that is much easier and one that I can pull off with the shuttle. It is a 'sort of' block tatting with a Cluny effect. No horrid hand position.

"Course one can make the "pattern" for weaving with a cork board and rust free quilting pins ~ or a piece of board with nails! And no aching hand. As the saying goes, "More than one way to skin a cat" (one wonders the origin of that saying ~ sounds rather cruel to me, since i like cats)
xx bj

Carolivy said...

Yours look better than any I ever managed to "finish". I always end up with a left over thread for some reason. I think I'll just enjoy looking at other people's clunies for a while too.

Fox said...

Hey, Marty,
These clunies look good! Mine are so uneven at the sides. Yours are really very smooth.

My response was so vague to your comment on elisadusud's site, but, I am at a loss as to what I can tell you about her blog.

It takes me FOREVER to find anything there and I didn't have time to go and look for the pattern for you - then felt bad this morning that I didn't, but it is so time-consuming as you already have learned!

Anyway, you do not seem to have an no email, so I thought I 'd comment here to let you know that I was trying to remember where I had seen a pattern. If I find it I will send you the site address.
Fox : )

Gina said...

The ONLY clunies I have ever seen that are consistent are the ones by Elise and Mimi and they do them ALL the time so I really do think it's something you just have to practice, practice, practice. You have to have a passion for them. I'm happy admiring someone else's myself.

Gina said...

After reading the other comments, I did want to add that it is much easier to make a cluny with a loom. There used to be more online links to the different types of looms but last time I looked, there were fewer. Check Georgia's site. If you don't have to use your hand to hold the loom, it allows you to focus more on tension and spacing.